Mainstream Doesnt Understand Domains

I’m watching the Olympics as I write this post, after yet another ad break, in between all the promos for Channel Seven’s new shows a few ads stood out for me.

First up,, what on earth were they thinking when they chose this domain? The campaign itself is ridiculous but that’s another post for another day.

The likelihood of users actually being able to remember and correctly type that domain is slim, the amount of ad spend going down the drain would easily be 6 figures. Given they are calling it the Vegemite Census it would have been so much better to just use, or I’m sure would’ve been a better option too. Whois shows the domain was registered by the ad agency, they managed to get themselves a nice LLL, shame they couldn’t get something decent for their client. I will give them some credit though, they were clever enough to pick up the .com equivalent. I think this just makes things worse though, they kind of understand domains, yet at the same time they have no idea.

Next up,, just marginally better than the vegemite mess, but still unnecessarily long, is available and would’ve served the same purpose, they could still call the product happy talk home loans, just have a much easier domain for users to type in. If you are spending big money to have your domain shown during the Olympics, at least make it easy for people to remember and spell. They also remembered to get the .com domain, they just decided not to turn it on, so there’s some more wasted traffic.

Last but not least, Harvey Norman is promoting their new site, the domain is shorter than the other two examples but its the worst website of the three, there is no link to their main site, which by the way only works with the www, and no attempt to sell products or gain user information such as email address, nor do they even list their store locations, specials etc. How many people do they really think want to look at old scanned copies of black and white Harvey Norman catalogues from 50 years ago? In my opinion they would have been better off promoting their main website, although even their main website is just a catalogue of their offline stores, you can not actually buy anything from their online store.

Slightly off topic, but based on these examples it looks like the trend of major AU corporations using Melbourne IT continues, $140 for 2 years and a very average control panel, just another sign that they don’t get it, or I guess when the marketing budget is so big whats an extra $100. No wonder Melbourne IT has never dropped their prices, I’m envious of their business model!

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