High Quality Names For Sale

The main .au sales sites have been talking up the amount of domains they each have listed, however, in my opinion quality is far more important than quantity. If anything all the low quality listings just make it more difficult to find the good ones.

I’ve recently spent some time reviewing the main sites and seeing what they have to offer…

Domainshed has guide.com.au with a minimum bid of $20k, I think its worth around the $20k mark, but that fact $20k is the minimum bid suggests the seller may want far more than $20k.

Domain Trading Post have a few good ones for sale such as units.com.au, watches.com.au and concerts.com.au, however unfortunately none of them have prices attached, at the right price those 3 names would all be great acquisitions.

Net Fleet has mail.com.au and business.com.au, with asking prices of $1million each, great names, but in my opinion the market has not yet reached a point where either of these names would sell for 7 figures. At the opposite end of the spectrum they also have Hockey.com.au listed for $6000 and all offers considered which I think is very reasonably priced. As a side note, mail.com.au is also listed here for only $125k which is much more reasonable.

Sedo has recently listed herbal.com.au for sale without a price.

Name Seek seems to have a lot more domains listed recently, although the quality seems to have gone down hill in my opinion, and only being able to see 10 domains per page makes it difficult to quickly review their full list.

Holiday Stays looks to have the same list as before, but they have added a new generic domains page here the downside is the majority of these names are .net.au, but names such as airfare.net.au and cinema.net.au are only $880 each, which in my opinion are better quality than the .net.au domains Pacific Octane is trying to sell as part of their case study.

Enetica and MelbourneIT, still seem to have a similar list of names as they did last time I checked.

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